What days are available for inspections?


SJC Approved plans must be available on the building site at all times. Post your Inspection card, approved plans and permit in a conspicuous place when construction begins and leave it posted until all inspections have been satisfied, The approved documents should be saved along with all the other important paperwork concerning the project.*Updated Inspection schedule starts 5/31/2021. Please see our website for more info. (Holidays may change the available dates and will be updated our website, plan accordingly). 

Inspections are available on most islands Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays depending on the island.

San Juan Island: Area 1 - Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Orcas/Shaw/Waldron/Obstruction/Blakely etc: Area 2 - Monday, Thursday

Lopez/Center/Decatur etc: Area 3 - Tuesday, Friday







Christopher Jones:



Area 1 – SJI, Pearl, Henry, James, Brown and Stuart


Area 1 – SJI, Pearl, Henry, James, Brown and Stuart



Area 1 – SJI, Pearl, Henry, James, Brown and Stuart



(Inspectors will switch every week on this area)

Cody Blazer:



Area 2 – Orcas/Shaw, Obstruction and Blakely

Area 3: Lopez, Center, Decatur


Area 2 – Orcas/Shaw, Obstruction and Blakely

Area 3: Lopez, Center, Decatur

You are required to arrange for inspections in the following manner.

  • Inspection requests are to be submitted online at www.sanjuanco.com/opc OR by voicemail @ 360.378.6270 (listen to prompts and instructions)
  • Your permit must be current, and renewal fees paid in order to schedule an inspection. If your permit has expired, or you need to pay renewal fees contact us at DCDpermits@sanjuanco.com with your permit number. We can add renewal fees to your permit for payment (sorry, they are not automatic).
  • Schedule inspections no later than 3pm on the day prior for Ferry served islands like San Juan, Orcas, Shaw, Lopez.
  • Outer Island inspections are by appointment only, and must be scheduled 48 hrs. in advance. Request process is the same, but coordination with the inspector for transportation is required. Owner is responsible for getting the inspector TO/FROM the job-site safely. Inspectors will call to schedule with the owner/agent after a request is submitted.
  • Inspection results are available online through the SmartGov Public Portal (PORTAL) and can be accessed @ https://co- sanjuan-wa.smartgovcommunity.com/Public/Home Find your permit and check the results.
  • When requesting your inspections, always include your PERMIT NUMBER AND CONTACT INFORMATION!! If you do not include this information you may not receive your desired inspection. Be sure to use a land line, or have good cell reception when leaving a message. Post the job address at the road so that the site can be found easily by the inspectors.


New inspection schedule May 31 2021 Graphic

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