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Current Use Timber Land and Designated Forest Land Program Questionnaire


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    2. San Juan County Current Use Timber Land and Designated Forest Land 

      Program Questionnaire

    3. Please provide the information requested below with detailed answers for each specific question. Answering questions by simply referring us to your forest management plan on file is not an acceptable answer. We recommend submitting for approval, an updated Forest Management Plan for your property if management practices have changed or it has outlived its forest activity timeline. 

    4. 1. Have you obtained, through the Department of Natural Resources, a Forest Practices Permit for forest activities, including but not limited to: timber harvest, commercial thin, salvage standing or downed wood, or construct/alter forest roads on your property?
    5. 2. Have you obtained any other permits related to commercial forestry activity?
    6. 3. Have you completed any of the following Forest Practices? (Please provide documents and receipts supporting these activities, if the work was completed by yourself, indicate the date work was completed)
    7. A. Planting or Restocking of trees:
    8. B. Logging (harvest, salvage, thinning):
    9. C. Created, maintained or repaired logging roads:
    10. D. Fire protection (Creating, maintaining and/or repairing burn barriers):
    11. E. Insect and disease control:
    12. F. Forest debris removal:
    13. G. Other:
    14. 4. Please provide copies of:

      -Washington State Business and Occupation Taxes returns

      - Forest Tax Reporting Account Number

      - Forest Excise Tax returns

      All information can be provided via email.

    15. 5. Is there a Forest Management Plan for this property?

      (Please include a copy)

    16. Does the land support a growth of brush and noncommercial trees?
    17. 8. Please provide a map via email illustrating the stand boundaries.